My SEO Converstion Strategy in 13 Simple Steps

It is one of the proven strategy that i use to conver the visitors into subscribers. You can use these steps to to get into the process of making more subscribers = more leads = more customers.

CRO stands for convertion rate optimizatoin. SEO definitely gets the organic traffic but making it to convert is the most challenging task. And to get the converstions it is important to learn about CRO.


10,000 visitors at 1% conversion = 100 subscribers.

1,000 visitors at 10% = 100 subscribers.

Which is better?

Let’s check the 13 traffic conversion & CRO tips to get more visitors subscribers & customers.

1. Join the Newsletter CTA

  • Have a weekly newsletter.
  • Invite vistors to join the along.
  • Build trust through weekly content.

2. Free Download in Header & Footer

  • Create high value leads.
  • Feature them in your header & footer.
  • Make your header sticky.

3. Offer High Value Exit Intent

  • When people are leaving then offer somthing high value.
  • Offer something special and send to their email.

4. Sticky Offer on the Bottom

  • Place an offer at the bottom as sticky.
  • Offer something of high value at the bottom that they can’t give up on.

5. Sticky Offer on Blogs

  • Add a menu that gets the best valued design to the blog.
  • Add a sticky offer that goes up and down along with the scrolling.

6. Special Offer on Blogs

  • At the top of the blogs, offer something special offer that is exclusive for your bloggers.
  • It is one way to grab the attention of the readers.

7. Offers in Blog Content

  • Make it compring, asking questions like struggling with X? then try Z?
  • Speak to them directly.

8. Free Calculators

  • Build calculators for your SEO customers.
  • Make it free. They just have to give the details to get the information.

9. Free Consultations

  • Offer a free consulation.
  • People will signup and enter their detils = a new lead.
  • It is one of the best way to meet the new leads.

10. Get a Callback

  • Make an offer to ‘Get a callback’.
  • Enter name, email, phone and other details get the data.

11. Phone Number to Call on Site

  • Get a free Google business phone number.
  • Include it in the both header and the footer.
  • It is the simple nd easy wyay for someone to reach you.

12. Signup Form

  • Make it the main CTA on your page.
  • Easy form to fillpout the details.
  • You can easily grab the new leads now.

13. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

  • Get reviews from your customers.
  • Post them all over your website.
  • Build trust to get more subscriptions.

As discussed before we get a bunch of SEO traffic but it is more important to get the conversions.

BONUS #1: If you are a SEO then giving your number to the clients so they can optimize their site for SEO CRO

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