Adikesava: A Homage to Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s Legacy

“Adikesava” Movie Review

Movie: “Adikesava”

Cast: Panja Vaishnav Tej, Shruti Haasan, Joju George, Suman, Tanikella Bharani…

Director: Srikanth N. Reddy

Producers: Nagavamsi Suryadevara, Sai Soujanya

“Aadikeshava” is a masala entertainer that marks the debut of the young actor Vaishnav Tej in the Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s family. Why should fans of the Mega family anticipate a film from a budding hero that resonates with the title “Aadikeshava”? Primarily, it’s the pre-release buzz and hype surrounding this movie that set the expectations high.


Baloo (Vaishnav Tej), in his endeavor to erase the obligations of people concerning his persona, aims to elevate everyone’s respect by rectifying their misconceptions. However, when a slight mistake occurs, he doesn’t hesitate to acknowledge his misunderstanding, which is refreshing. Aadikeshavudu (Joju George) undertakes personal endeavors during an independent war, aiming to execute certain unsolicited personal aspects. As he comments on a leader’s role in addressing personal aspirations, Baloo doesn’t stay confined to his initial principles.

The portrayal of the Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s family dynamics in the movie primarily captures the limelight as the first impression. The depiction of the legendary actress and her character’s appearance is notably impactful.

The acting and storytelling in the film are intricately woven. Panja Vaishnav Tej put commendable effort into mirroring the Mega Star Chiranjeevi, giving it his best shot. The film’s specialty lies in its production values, showcasing exceptional cinematic artistry.

Aadikeshavudu, deeply rooted in masala elements, made a strong attempt to emulate the Mega Star’s family in the film. The storyline and message are compellingly embedded within the film. The film, related to the celebrity family, delivers a touching experience.

The film stands as a tribute to the Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s family, making a strong attempt to mirror their persona. The storyline and the film’s essence are compellingly crafted. It delivers a heartfelt experience, touching upon the lives of celebrity families.

The movie “Adikesava” holds a promise of being a worthwhile watch, especially for fans of the Mega Star Chiranjeevi family. Its efforts to pay homage to the iconic family and its values are notably commendable, making it a film worth experiencing.

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