8 Underrated On Page SEO Tactics

Let’s dig in deep to take less than 15 min to execute & fetch the 10X results while working on your website.

There are many underrated tactics that are more powerful to work on website….

1. People Also Ask

  • Always try and analyze the section of people also ask in order to find the targetted keywords.
  • Now add FAQs with schema to your content based on these “People also Ask”.
  • Looking for the suggestions and the examples available will help in getting the featured snippets.

2. Table of Contents

  • With a table of contents one can improve the user experience.
  • This is one of those best ways to grab the added traffic.

3. Numbers & Power Words in Titles

  • Special words in the titles improve the click through rate.
  • Thiis is one of those best ways to grab the added traffic.

4. Sidebar & Footer Links

  • Link only to the piller pages where you can reduce the risk.

5. EEAT Optimization

  • Content should always have the Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness.
  • Try to add the author bios and relevant information that is required.

6. Multi Lingual Optimization

  • If your targetted audience are different then you better create different pages for different languages to grab the attention of readers.
  • This will help you to reach a broader audience range and also help you to improve site’s visibility.

7. Passage Indexing

  • Break the content from long sentences to shorter paragraphs.
  • Content should have the clear sections with subheadings.
  • Simplifying the content helps to better understand and better rank on Google search results.

8. Add Summary

Add summary at the top of the blog post. This will increase the chances of ranking on search results.

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