25 Steps SEO Blog Checklist

Use this 25 steps checklist to optimize your blog and page content for SEO before you publish.

Let’s get into to the list of the list of SEO blog list and execute the proven methods on your website publishing to get it on top of the search results.

1. Compare the Competition

  • Search your target keyword on Google.
  • Read first page SERP content.
  • Improveyour content to be even better.

2. Use Hub & Spoke Method

  • Don’t just create blog content for the sake of it.
  • Build hub & spoke internal linking.
  • Educate the reader as much as you can with the data available.

3. Optimize for Keyword Clusters

  • Don’t just stop at 1 target keyword.
  • Research a keyword cluster of 3 to 10+ keywords.
  • Optimize your content to hit on all of them.

4. Make a Killer Hook

  • You only have 1-3 secs to capture attention.
  • Custom write each first line & make iit pop.
  • Your first line is your hook…make ir better.

5. 3+ External Links

  • Link out to tools you mention.
  • Include research studies to back up your claims.
  • Linking to the added terms which your customer will know more about the details.

6. 5+ Internal Links

  • Link to the other pages in the same website.
  • Refer readers to the useful content on the website.
  • This adds value and builds authority of your site.

7. 4+ Images with Alt Tags

  • Use images to break up the text.
  • Add an image alt taag.
  • This help the Google to understand what the image is while crawling.

8. 1 Captivating Featured Image

  • Don’t forget the featured image for the blog.
  • Something that catches the eye and dspeaks to the content of the blog.
  • Use Unsplash,.com, Pexel.com, Pixabay.com and more.

9. Add an Inforgraphic

  • At the top, include an infographic.
  • People love visual ads.
  • Infographic gets the details to your blog in an interesting way.

10. Simple, Short Permalink

  • Make your permalink your target keyword.
  • www.website.com/main-keyword.
  • the simple, the better to get the ranking.

11. Complementary Video

  • Go to the youtube and find a best viewed video that is on the choosen topic.
  • Embed it into oyour blog.
  • Make the experience better for the readers.

12. Meta Data & Description

  • Research what is winning on the Googlesearch results 1st page.
  • Optimize your content to be even better.

13. Optimize for Mobile

  • Review the blog on mobile.
  • Fix if any inconsistencies are there in the site along with UX as well.
  • 50% people generally check it on mobile so don’t forget it.

14. Use H1s, H2s, H3s, H4s

  • Create a proper outline for the blog post.
  • Use the right H2s, H3s, H4s and more to seperate the headings and subheadings
  • This makes it easier for the users to read easily.

15. Write to 1 Specific Reader

  • Know who your ideal reader is while writing.
  • Speak directly to them and don’t vary from it.

16. ADD Faqs for PAA Ratings

  • Use AlsoAsked to find Faqs that you can add in the blog.
  • Add this to every single blog article.

17. Target Featured Snippets

  • Search the keyword in Google and lookout for the featured snippets.
  • See what’s winning.
  • Recreate it in your blog to perform better.

18. Insert the Personal Stories

  • In the worldd of AI, personal stories play a crucial role and so it is the best way.
  • Share your own personal lessons that you have learned.
  • Make it personal.

19. Check for Plagiarism

  • Throw your blog content into a plagiarism checker.
  • Easy to do.
  • Should only take 1 – 2 min.

20. 1k-2k Wordcount

  • Look at whts winning on Google.
  • Find the avg word count.

21. Proper Spacing for Readaability

  • No one look for the big pragraphs.
  • Limit paragraphs to 3 lines.
  • Add spaces between all paraagraphs and lines.
  • Make it redable.

22. Simplify & Remove Long Sentences

  • Use less words.
  • Simplify & make your content shorter.
  • Be clear & consice.

23. Add Exit Intent Offer

  • Turn your readers into leads.
  • Add a high value offer.

24. Lead Magnet Offer

  • Offer a lead magnet using a highly relevant sidebar.

25. Include “About Company” at End

  • Add “About” section at the end of the writeup.
  • Write 2-3 sentences at the end of writeup.

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